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08:16pm 27/06/2003
mood: hot
Went to go see my old bethiehammer buddies. Think I got a cold from Chibs. Other than THAT, I haven't been doing much to talk about. Getting ready to take a vacation!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ...Yeah again. I think I'm going to Florida. I really like it there, and I have a couple friends there I'd like to meet. More on that when I actually go, since I plan on bringing my laptop with me, so all of you can IM me!!!!!
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08:57am 06/05/2003
  I am finally settled in Trenoce after the whole funeral ordeal for my mother. It's only been a month but I'm starting to come to terms with the situation and it makes me feel a little better.
So yes, this journal makes itself useful for once.
Can't say that I like being in a new city with no one at all to talk to, but at least I left all the bad people behind too. It's just me and my pets, a chocolate lab pup called Stryker, and a white & orange cat Leo.
I just got Stryker and all he does is chase Leo. I'm hoping one day they can get along, so they don't tear up my house!
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Merry Fuckin' X-MAS   
02:18pm 18/12/2002
  I hate Christmas, I really fucking do. It's the worst time of the year, my least favorite day of the year. Every year I visit my whole family and get nothing but criticism and the one time of the year where I am forced to visit the man I love to hate and hate that I am pretty much half of his genetically makeup, my father, the man who I've seen in the past year once and who I shall never forgive for being alive.

This year was a special year for me. I got the offer to work on Christmas for not one shift but TWO.


I am not only excited but utterly grateful for the time well spent that will be achieved. I told my cousin not to get me anything, just new tires for my car. Maybe a tattoo or something if she was feeling generous. lol. I told my mother's side to get me a book. I told my father not to bother, cause he was getting nothing anyways from me.

Fucking Christmas. Everyone always asks me "Why do you hate Christmas so much? What did it ever do to you? Why are you so much like fucking beniezer SWcrooge? You wanna grow old and and unhappy?" FOR ONE FUCKIG HOLIDAY???? I'LL TAKE MY FUCKING CHANCES.

Christmas is pointless. Half of everyone thinks it's just about spending time with family and frineds, getting presents and eating food. Um, hello, what makes this day so special? I see my frineds every fucking day, and I can get them something if they want it. So, oh you see, it's all about the fucking presents. Selfish fucking bastards. "I love Christmas cause I get to see people I see everyday and get presents, yay!" How lame. What makes December fucking 25th so damn special?

The other half of everyone is the religious aspect, the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. All's I have to say is this. Where's the fuckign proof? I don't see anywhere that says he was born dec. 25th. And most of those people who do it for Jesus's Birthday still only want presents anyways.

You wanna make Christmas so special? Go to a fucking hospital and volunteer some time and energy to people who are sick and dying. Or go to a homeless shelter and stop taking your life for granted and help someone else who fucking needs it cause it's EVERY FUCKING DAY THESE PEOPLE DON'T GET TO EAT ENOUGH FUCKING FOOD.

I hate Christmas. I can't say I always will, but right now, after all the shit I've observed and witnessed, Christmas is nothing more than a Hallmark holiday celebrated only to show people's selfish behaviors, greedy tendencies, huge wastes of electricity, and meaningless excuses to visit people you either see everyday or don't see and use this one day to say "OK, I have not seen you all year, today I am gonna."

Stop believing in Santa, pack up your fucking tree, and do something worthwhile, like work, volunteer, or donate money to local pool hall or pub. Cause Christmas is a waste of skin, and does nothing except either spoil or depress you.

Fuck Christmas.
Working hard all day....   
07:04am 10/12/2002
mood: accomplished
Good lord, I need to get out of the house and actually do something tomorrow. Because of this, I will of course sit inside all day, even though this is my first day off in two weeks. It'd be really nice to hang out with some friends or something exciting. But it won't happen.

My house is almost done. Just need to paint my room and put the tiles in the bathroom, then it's all over thank god!

Bleh. What a dismal mood I'm in.
06:54pm 18/11/2002
  I'm fucking tired of being stepped on.  
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I don't need a break!   
04:57pm 15/11/2002
mood: restless
I actually like my job. Let me rephrase.. I actually likke the money. Haha. I got promoted to a lame desk job. Half the work, double the pay. Thats the only good thing about it!! Other than that I just sit arond on the internet doing absolutely nothing. Kinda like now.... I really should get rid of this journal. Nothing happens worth talking about, haha.

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01:58pm 24/10/2002
mood: distressed
He don't love you like I love you
Don't think about you like I think about you
He don't want to have your children
He don't wanna build his life around you

Tell me I should not be feeling what I am today
Tell me to silence my heart
Tell me We've been here before
and I will walk away from you love

For there is a wall between you and I
And he hasn't been treating you right
I've been watching it all
I seen you cry
And I just gotta tell you tonight

That he don't love you like I love you
Don't think about you like I think about you
He don't want to have your children
He don't wanna build his life around you

Tell me this love's just a feeling and will pass away

Tell me your not what I know you are
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for my crystal   
08:17pm 21/10/2002
mood: flirty
i have a love song for you!!! lol, there isn't much along the lines of what i listen to, so this was the best i could do. being my witch could work.

you are something special you explained it all, explained it all to me, you said so many things to make me feel like i was more, i am, and if you want me to believe in myself, won't you give me more, but i guess that i've seen enough and i know that you are my sunlite girl and i got a way to send my love right back at you so,

this is my love song for you,
this is my love song for you,
this is my love song for you,
love song.....
this is my love song for you,
this is my love song for you,
this is my love song for you,
love song.....witch

you drive me crazy with your special style you do it all for me, you stare into my eyes as if i am the only one you see and if you want me to believe in myself, won't you give me more, but i guess that i've seen enough and i know that you are my sunlite girl and i got a way to send my love right back at you so,

this is my love song for you,
this is my love song for you,
this is my love song for you,
love song.....
this is my love song for you,
this is my love song for you,
this is my love song for you,
love song.....witch
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bye bye   
11:34am 19/08/2002
mood: drained
I'm off on vacation. See you all in two weeks. Cae, sweetie, I tried calling you, GET OFF THE COMPUTER!! You have my cell number.
Bye everybody.
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you have to wait to see how far it splashes. ploink   
10:41am 16/08/2002
mood: sore
i took cae out for breakfast this morning, im very tired. we're supposed to go out later today but im thinking maybe just staying home? she can come with me, tho knowing tristan, his stupid ass will be there to bother us. im starting to like middle shift, its not that bad once you get used to it. and you can sleep. i have to make a few calls, to see if anyone is going out tonight, tho i swore cae said it would be saturday. i dont care really, just as long as we all do something.
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aziatic is the love of your life   
04:37pm 14/08/2002
mood: amused
oh shit. i forgot about this journal again. musikfest was stupid, only went 2 times. the fireworks were dumb too. was supposed to be a tribute..looked the same as always.
06:17pm 29/07/2002
mood: rushed
This humidity is a real bitch. As long as I stay in my air conditioning, I think I'll be fine. Went out the day before. Saw Reign of Fire. Great movie!! Some lame ass party the next day. Left 20 minutes into it. Went to Cathy's. It was funny, Crystal was totally blasted. Kreo ended up shoving her into the pool. She doggy paddled. Went to see Austin Powers today with Crystal, Goose, Tristan, Krystal and Samantha. We all got shoved into the back of Crystal's dad's car. Going 90 mph so we wouldn't be late, lol. Then she was whining about getting her Neopet toy at Limited Too. I've never been in that store before. Cute girls. The toy was 12 bucks. I never would have paid 12 dollars for a toy. Crystal was real quiet today. I wonder what could be bothering her. Tack on Pearl refusing to talk to anyone. I called her earlier asking if she wanted to go, though how we would've fit another person....I'll never know. She practically bit my head off and hung up on me. I wonder what's bothering her too. Well, I'm off to work, I'm supposed to talk to my boss today about a promotion she's giving me. Damn, I can really use that money!!!
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Busy busy busy   
09:19pm 18/07/2002
mood: busy
i almost forgot about this thing! i've been so busy with double-shiftin' at work, and that whole thing with pat and his new girlfriend. what a bitch! me and fred are gonna hafta go "saving silverman" on their ass. i don't get on the internet much anymore, sorry to my few buddies there. i still love you guys. lol. played neopets a bit. it's alright, tho i just like neomailing people, like carrie! thanks for the poogle thing! she's sweet. i'd like to get to know her better. crystal isn't talking to me, why i just don't know. i tried calling her and the phone is busy. oh well, maybe i'll try later.
I am with pet.   
09:13pm 15/07/2002
mood: crazy
Look, I have a neo-thing. Oh happy happy...joy joy. See what I get bullied into? His name is evilminime. He's a very angry..blue dog thing, so don't piss him off.

badboydaimon got their NeoPet at http://www.neopets.com

Illness Illusion...   
04:21pm 13/07/2002
mood: lonely
Your gently whispering voice
I've become used to despair
At this world's end

In silence, destroy preserved serenity
Before it's time for the light to shake loose

In this vanishing world, I continue to love you
I don't need hesitation or illusions

In this vanishing world, you continue to talk
All of it now remains as a sentiment

In this vanishing world, I continue to love you
I don't need hesitation or illusions

Um. I am not entirely sure..what to say. Um. I'm bored and both C/Krystals are ignoring me. Beating each other up with...neopets. What... in the ever-burning plains of Hell is a neopet? Um. Hello Carrie! Crystal told me to say that. You read my journal do you? Well, be my journal friend. I'll make you my journal friend. ::wink::
oh lord   
08:10pm 08/07/2002
mood: calm
But that thou has blessed me...with this quiz!

The traveling street fighter.

Find out what anime bad boy you are.

I'm bored. Can you tell?
07:45pm 08/07/2002
mood: silly
can't get enuff of yo luv baybay...

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05:12pm 08/07/2002
mood: blah
I finally got the second volume of Weib Kreuz. ::cheer:: Had to scrounge up money for that, since Replay hasn't sent me ANY of the certificates i've been expecting!! I was cruisin' today with Patrick, and he told me he thinks the familia will be meeting up on Friday. It would be about time since we haven't all hung out in months. I miss the bastards. Hey Satoru! I found a WK quiz! Take it... well its Schwarz...but...it's good enough!
i am schuldig of schwarz

The mind-reading, short temper, red haired, German beauty! You are Schuldig, Mr. Popularity Extraordinare! You have so much potential to be a charming, witty, and alluring person!! However you delight in screwing other people over!!! This is all because it's all with in your power. You can read minds, make people do things they don't want to do. Telephathy and mind control is your stregnth and downfall..besides your impulsiveness and short-temper. You have a car, in which to drive farfarello around, and have the most annoying seiyuu alive! Your weiß counter is Youji, and unlike HIM..you are fashionable to some degree... all of this making YOU, probably the most drooled over Schwarz member. Which you deserve to be, because Farfie and Nagi are annoying as hell.

What member of Schwarz are you?

Almost Normal...   
07:38pm 06/07/2002
mood: crazy
God that was pathetic. Me going on about that crap. It's all good now though. Talking to Sasha on the phone. Whatta freaaaaaaaaaaaaak!!!! I might go to her house to drink if Chris tags along. So long as I'm not stuck alone in the same room with that woman. ::shudder:: Bored as a m o t h e r f u c k e r. . . . k i l l m e n o w.

angels descended from Heaven, each

putting a piece of themselves
into those

who would follow them....

Which Angel rests inside

Challenge their trial to
find out.

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06:44pm 03/07/2002
mood: depressed
Wow. I have a journal again. I haven't written in one of these in a long while. I don't know why I'm bothering. Writing the newsletter should be enough work, but I feel horrible.
I just cannot stop thinking about her, even though I've only known her for a few months, I think I love her. I'm not saying who. But...I respect her boyfriend, and she seems happy, so I just will have to keep my feelings bottled up. I'm tired of seeing so many happy couples and here I am alone. I'm not a bad guy, am I? I don't drink, don't smoke. I have a good job, I work out. What is wrong with me..? Oh well..Let me put up this lame quiz to agitate you all.

a superb warrior with mad skillz.

resourceful; evasive; kick-ass
[Final Fantasy Tactics Job Class]